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Mark King, Level 42 Lead Singer and Bassist

Mark is the lead singer and bassist of the legendary band Level 42. An Isle of Wight native, Mark has won numerous awards throughout his career and is known for his 'slap' style of playing the guitar. Mark is a lifelong musician starting at the age of nine with a drum kit bought by his Father for £10 and then moving towards Bass guitar; Mark is a fantastically gifted multi-instrumentalist.

After working in the production line of a lighter factory, then as a milkman and as a guitar salesman whilst pursuing his love of music, in 1979 Mark and a group of his friends formed Level 42. Their first top 40 single, 'Love Games', was released in 1981, this saw the band first appear on Top of the Pops. The big breakthrough arrived in 1983 with 'The Sun Goes Down (Living It up)'. Over the years Level 42 have released a string of hugely successful songs such as' 'Leaving Me Now', 'Lessons In Love', 'Running In The Family', 'To Be With You Again', 'It's Over', 'Guaranteed' and countless others and Mark has also had great success with his solo work often of live recordings. Mark tours regularly with Level 42 and in 2017 added a new string to his bow when he also joined supergroup Gizmodrome. 

For anyone who has met Mark, you will find him to be a very modest, kind man and for someone with such fame, he is incredibly grounded and whilst he has charisma to spare, he is very normal and easy for anyone to get along with. Mark is a dedicated family man, a longstanding supporter of The Prince's Trust and a tourism 'ambassador' for his native Isle of Wight.

Mark and the Jonny Moore brand fit together perfectly, as Mark himself says, 'kindness is everything in my book, Jonny Moore sounds like a true gentleman, and this is a lovely way to keep his name and standards alive. Good manners and kindness seem to be diminishing ever faster in these crazy times, and when our leaders set such appalling examples it’s right that we should stand up for those principles'.

Mark wears Jonny Moore's Pilote Sunray Silver Leather watch.