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Jacklyn Fairhurst, F1 Stock Car Driver and Mum

Where do we start to tell you about Jacklyn. It’s rare to find such amazing attributes in one person but we have hit the jackpot with Jacklyn.

A third generation racing driver it was clear from an early age that it was in the blood and Jacklyn with her no fear approach took her from strength to strength. Withb a limited budget Jacklyn and her Father bought a mini on ebay and spent seven months getting it ready for Ministock racing and in no time at all lap records were falling to Jacklyn and she won awards in her first season.

Formula 2 Stock Cars beckoned and before long Jacklyn was a Millers Oils Rising Star. On to F1 and in her second season Jacklyn won countless Driver of the Day awards and some race wins. Her husband Lee is also a F1 driver and happens to be a World Champion.

Motherhood followed and William was welcomed to the family. This new drive has focused Jacklyn on being the best she can be and to show William you can achieve anything if you work hard enough.

Jacklyn is truly inspirational having overcome so massive injuries but she has never lost her positivity, lovely smile and warmth that surrounds her wherever she goes. A friend to everyone and always putting others first. All of these qualities has made Jacklyn a perfect match for Jonny Moore Watches.

On becoming a Jonny Moore Ambassador Jacklyn said:

Jonny Moore and the ethics behind these amazing time pieces means absolutely everything to me. Throughout my whole journey, it has always been a passion of mine to be as kind and caring to anyone and everyone I meet, in the hope it will make their day and they will feel compelled to be kind to someone else…. And so on until the world is just a little bit brighter! Time is so short so making the most out of every single minute is the true meaning of life… making an impact on other peoples lives and being remembered as the happy, kind lady whether it be at work, racing or in everyday life is a true ambition. I really do believe that it takes nothing to be nice, and to have manners costs nothing… I want more than ever for William to grow up with the correct values and to be a part of Jonny Moore and such an amazing team is just perfect. Every single time I check my watch, I remember the values and tell anyone and everyone that will listen about these values that come with this amazing time piece. It reminds me to do at least one act of kindness every single day for another human being and hope they pass on the kindness…. Together we will change the world even if it is a small part of it – Timing is everything and at a time like this, kindness is needed more than ever!